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DisinfectConnect.com is free to use, and makes it easy for those most at-risk to find a local distilleries producing disinfectant.

Register Your Distillery Now

How this works:

1) Distilleries like you sign up on our website.

2) A customer submits a request to use our site. Our team of volunteers reviews this request.

3) Once a customer is verified, they can log in and view your distilleries products.

4) Customers reserve disinfectant from you, and are sent an email with pickup instructions.

5) Customers arrive at your facility during the hours you've specified, and pay you directly for disinfectant at whatever price you choose


What we do:

- We help distilleries focus on production and distribution by filtering product requests and pre-approving customers, so you know your products are getting to the most at-risk.

- We provide information vetted by medical and healthcare professionals on how to prioritize product distribution based on the healthcare community's greatest and evolving needs.

- Serve as a source of appropriately vetted healthcare and distillery-related industry information to assist distillers conducting business in this new environment.