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Proofing Grounds: Washington Distillers Guild

Proofing Grounds: Washington Distillers Guild

On March 29, 2020 Washington Distillers Guild accepted Disinfect Connect’s invitation to cooperate in the battle against COVID-19. This opens lines of communication that will allow both parties access to critical information regarding the production of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray.

The partnership was borne from mutual interest to connect distilleries with at-risk populations and to distribute hand sanitizer accordingly. The WDG offers influence and resources that directly benefits Disinfect Connect’s mission such as a master list of Washington distilleries and conveniently compiled contact information.

Leveraging the WDG’s influence to onboard distilleries resulted in the rapid spread of Disinfect Connect’s mission throughout Washington. That, paired with volunteer efforts to alert our target facilities of the service has helped thousands of at-risk people acquire life-saving hand sanitizer.

With more distillery registrations every day, the scope of possibility continues to widen. More distilleries serving hand sanitizer means more recipients acquiring it.

And the benefits go both ways. As a result of the partnership, Disinfect Connect absorbs the WDG’s inbound requests for disinfectant. By forwarding demand to our website, the WDG’s inboxes can stay open and available for relevant news updates and guild-related business that would have otherwise been drowned out.

In this time of crisis, the importance of streamlining all manners of business -- especially phone lines -- cannot be understated.

By untying their hands with demand requests, Guilds Leaders can focus more narrowly on offering support to individuals and distilleries in these unprecedented times. 

In addition, the WDG provides a wealth of knowledge untapped by a national service with a mission like ours. It is our hope and goal to partner with distillery guilds in every state to achieve the same level of efficiency and personal relevance.

The Disinfect Connect team understands the importance of personal connection and ensuring all parties feel seen, heard, and acknowledged on a level specific to their problems. That being said, we urge guilds to join our platform and our fight against COVID-19.

Whether you’re a guild, distillery, or a recipient, thank you for your perseverance and effort as we fight this outbreak together.

We will continue to update our community and share relevant information regarding distillery guilds and the impact we’re working to create alongside you.


by Chris King / 4-3-20

Chris studies English at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  He dedicates his time and energy to support Disinfect Connect by writing blog posts and producing content.