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Hand Sanitizer vs. Disinfectant Spray: What is the Difference and Why does it Matter?

Hand Sanitizer vs. Disinfectant Spray: What is the Difference and Why does it Matter?

If hand sanitizer is liquid gold, disinfectant spray is diamonds in a bottle.  

As of now, distilleries around the U.S. have been authorized by the TTB to produce hand sanitizer using the distilled spirits typically consumed on the rocks.  I’ve explained the logistics behind this phenomena in a previous blog post, located on our website. 

No one can deny that hand sanitizer is helpful and kills germs -- but it falls short in time of crisis for various reasons.  Liquid drop hand sanitizer is applied to your hands only. It can’t be used to clean doorknobs, railings, countertops, sink faucets, toilet seats, light switches, operating tables, the list is long and inumerable.  Furthermore, hand sanitizer is situationally important; if you’re following the in-place quarantine, you can probably just wash your hands.

On the contrary, spray is by far the most versatile and therefore most useful disinfectant type in demand.  Founder Miles Pepper found in an interview with a local hospital that they are most worried about their supply of disinfectant spray.

It can be applied to all of the above infrastructure with a highly effective sanitization result.  The alcohol content is more concentrated, the applications are wider, and the amount of human contact is lessened -- all culminating in a better, safer way of combatting infection.

Distilleries are focused on making hand sanitizer though, aren’t they?

Yes, but the Disinfect Connect team predicts that this paradigm will shift dramatically in the near future.  With societal pressure on the TTB, ABC, and the FDA to streamline a process of public aid during this time of crisis, it is more than reasonable to foresee a similar ‘red-tape’ lifting of restrictions on distilleries. 

This, paired with the first TTB-authorized national sale of disinfectant spray by Tamar Distillery to Serenity Villas, is sufficient evidence to back ambitious claims that distillery-produced spray will soon be across-the-board permitted by federal agencies.

The legalization of disinfectant spray sales will outright increase supply tenfold.  The increase of supply will be met with a proportional increase in demand, due to the versatility of spray.

If this happens, Disinfect Connect will need volunteers and team members to field disinfectant spray requests.  To get involved sign up on our website under the ‘volunteer’ tab.

We will continue to update our community with relevant information regarding hand sanitizers and the impact we’re working to create alongside you.


by Chris King / 3-26-20

Chris is an English Major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  He is dedicating his time and energy to support Disinfect Connect by writing blog posts and producing content.