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Distillery Map: Hand Sanitizer Near You

Distillery Map: Hand Sanitizer Near You

It’s safe to say that disinfectant is in a nationwide shortage, leaving little option for those who need it.

In order to combat this, distilleries mobilized to produce hand sanitizer using their own pre-existing knowledge base. Distillers are perhaps the most equipped to help provide sanitizer due to their experience working with high-proof ethanol -- a vital ingredient in hand sanitizer.

So distilleries make hand sanitizer, problem solved. Not quite. 

Many distilleries find themselves in unknown territory as the demand for sanitizer grows. The distribution infrastructure of distillery-produced hand sanitizer did not exist; at least not until Disinfect Connect created it.

This infrastructure manifests as the nation’s first comprehensive map displaying distilleries producing hand sanitizer paired with a portal that filters orders based on a myriad of variables such as urgency and facility type. A recipient can view the map, choose a distillery based on their locale, and feel relief knowing there exists a source of hand sanitizer near them.

Recipients can then place an order through the portal which forwards the request to all distilleries in the area. The portal’s design allows distilleries to fulfill orders as their product becomes available.

This novel infrastructure at once alleviates the distribution problem burdening distilleries and the supply problem frustrating recipients, all in one easy to use platform.

The distillery map is free to reference on the website and hand sanitizer requests can be placed online at any time, without having to call or email a representative. While Disinfect Connect makes no guarantees about the availability of disinfectant, the more distilleries that register on our platform means more supply can be tapped for those who need it most.

The Disinfect Connect team commits its time to support at-risk communities nationwide. We will continue to update our community with relevant information regarding distilleries and hand sanitizer.


Chris King / 4-3-20

Chris is an English Major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He is dedicating his time and energy to support Disinfect Connect by writing blog posts and producing content.